Deedema Game Studio

Deedema Game Studio

Deedema Game Studio started its activity in 2016 with the purpose of making video games for Mobile, PC and Console platforms. The studio has tried since the very beginning, to collaborate with expert staff in all fields of programming, art, design, and quality assurance from Iran and other countries.

“Mind Bender” a European Animation studio, as well as some of Iran’s most professional game-developers, have been accompanying Deedema since the start. In this regard, by applying the most recent methods of standardization, Deedema Game Studio proves its devotion to high-quality production.

Multiple projects are currently under development at Deedema.

The studio’s first project is “Hrdambil” a real-time strategy arena developed for mobile platforms (Android and iOS) in an international market. Deedema Game Studio has been formed based on the idea of producing the Hardambil game. In “Hardambil” you find yourself in an exciting world of clay where you can command your funny heroes to disembowel your foes. The game won a Diploma of Honor for its 3D art assets at the 7th Tehran Video Games Festival in 2016aA team of best game developers from Iran and Europe, including the Mind Bender Animation Studio, have put all their efforts to prepare “Hardambil” for its first release in spring of 2017.

Flipping Filip is another Deedema product that is currently on the roll, a 2D adventure game ornated with action-runner elements. Yor walk in a world of fascinating animation and get drawn into a unique two-sided story of Filip. Get ready for the chase and run in a Flipping world!

Deedema’s last project is going to be a magical card game. Wait for our good news…

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