Cruel Testers, Dull Schools (First Episode)

The First Test Session at Deedema

Hardambil Mobile-Game: Developed at Deedema
Hardambil Mobile-Game: Developed at Deedema

A few weeks ago, after several discussions with the colleagues at Deedema, we finally decided it was best to invite our tester groups to visit the studio and test our games so that we could observe their reactions to the game and record their feedback face to face.
In this regard, after a lot of negotiations, we targeted Tehran boys’ and girls’ schools to visit Deedema and imagined that it would surely be a pleasure to schools to send children to a gaming studio. In this way, we would be able to repeat the testing process every week or month and collect great results to improve our product.
Determined to introduce the game industry to the students and with the illusion of having a special offer for the schools’ principals, we got started.
Assuming that a phone-call might be a lame way to communicate, I  volunteered to meet with the schools’ principals in person and invite them to Deedema. So, I chose the closest school to the studio that’s exactly on the same street_ an idea which made me assured of my success in convincing the school officials_. So, I just headed to the place where all my hopes shattered at a glance as they even hadn’t let me enter the door!
However, I hadn’t lost hope until my real nightmare began with my next visit of the second school, where after waiting for an hour, the only thing I got was an uninterested voice saying: ” Sorry we are currently occupied with the examinations, hope to see you next year!”.
At least, thanks to the first school for not wasting my time.
Generally, most of the school principals seem to be reluctant of letting their students go out of the school environment and think that it is not worth the trouble. Others are neither fond of video games nor know about the existence of anything digital. In short, what we imagined just blown away.
I concluded that our school administrators, unlike their students, are not interested in video games. The more schools I referred to, the more I became aware of the reason for the gap between the industry and education in my country.

Schoolchildren Allameh Sha'rani and Ali Amazegar, School Lecturer
Students of Allameh Sha’rani and Ali Amouzegar, Their Teacher.

In the end, after several failed trips to different types of schools, Ali Amouzegar, a good friend of the director, welcomed our proposal openly to bring his students to the studio and arranged a test session within a day or two.

Mr. Amouzegar brought seven of his students to Deedema, and after the friendly greetings, we started installing Hardamobil on the phones and began the test session.

To be continued…

Arash Hakimi

May 18, 2018